Here is How to Finally Get Your House Sold in 7 Days

There are several reasons for wanting to sell your house. Some of the most common ones are: you are planning to relocate for personal or professional reasons, or maintenance of the house has become an issue, or you are tired of land lording and dealing with tenants, or you may be faced with financial difficulties like bankruptcy, foreclosure, etc.

You would not want to keep the house for long when you are going through any of these issues. Rather, you might feel that you want to ‘sell my house’ in the minimum possible time.

Here is How to Finally Get Your House Sold in 7 Days

John, a resident of Washington DC, is facing a similar issue. John, who is not a fan of snow and chilly weather, always wanted to move to cities with warmer climate. In fact, he received an offer for a job from a company in California. Now, he needs to sell his house fast, in less than 10 days, so that he may relocate and start his new assignment.

He discussed the situation with one of his friends, Sam, who has earlier worked for a real estate company. Sam knew how Real estate agents worked and said that it would be hard to find a buyer that soon.  He informed John that with the traditional Real estate agents he would have to put the house on their listing and stage it for buyers until he finds someone willing to purchase his house.

However, that would take longer than a week, may be a couple of months or even more. Sam further cautioned John that to list the house, it is important to make sure that it looks neat and clean. From minor repairs to major ones, painting, cleaning should be done, so that when the buyers visit the house they don’t notice anything unpleasant. That worried John as it would cost him money and time.

On a lighter note, Sam recalled some of the real estate industry jokes he had heard while working for real estate company; well, if you want to sell your house fast put up an emotional “for sale board,” something that reads “Need to Sell – Owner Lost Job, “or “House for Sale as Husband left Family for a Younger Woman.”

As John kept looking to sell his house fast, he heard about some fast home buying companies on TV, and felt that these companies might help him. As he looked up the internet for more information on home buying companies and their style of working, he realized that these companies offer many advantages and believe in quick sales. They seemed to be the answer to all his problems. John realized that these reputable home buying companies would buy houses in an As Is state, meaning no need for home owners to fix anything be it a minor plumbing work or a major ceiling leak or cracks on the walls. There would be no need to declutter, paint, clean every day for a new potential buyer. Home buying companies buy houses in any condition, be it ugly, pretty or with legal, financial and other regulatory issues. They are always ready with a ‘We buy houses’ competitive offer.

Reputable home buying companies buy these houses directly, as against dealing on your behalf to help you find a prospective buyer, thus, helping you save time. When you decide to sell your house ( to a reputable home buying company, you can save the commission, which otherwise you would have had to pay to an agent.

Fast home buying companies work with a huge network of home repairing and renovation professionals, who help them, repair and renovate the home and resell it for a better price. Yes, home buying companies do take into account the investment needed for them to fix the issues with the house, and will make an offer after deducting such investments. That sounds fair, right?

Finally, they make quick offers within hours of talking about your house over the phone. They visit the property, take a tour of the house, and come up with a competitive price and pay full in cash. If everything falls in place, you could be selling your house in 7 days!

John decided to contact a house buying company in Washington DC with enough cash flow so that they could close the deal quickly. He realized that it is better to deal with a professional team that works out of a proper office environment and has absolute knowledge of the home buying process acquired with years of experience of dealing with more than 1000 homes.