We All Want the Luxury Real Estate Agent to Sell Our Home

Picking a real estate agent is often an emotional and stressful situation. We all want to find that perfect agent – the one who can sell a hovel just as easy and with as much enthusiasm as a multi-million dollar estate. We want to have the luxury real estate agent with all the bells and whistles. We want this agent to be able to relate to us, our situation, our needs and our expectations. And in the end, we want to buy or sell our house with as little struggle and strife as possible.


In choosing the best agent, the concept of the ‘luxury real estate agent’ differs for each person. For some, it is all about the track record of the agent – how many sales do they have; how long did their sales sit on the market; how often the home was sold for asking or above-asking price; can they find the perfect home and negotiate the perfect price. These people are seeking the “hungry agent”. Other people are looking for the personal connection with the agent. Do personalities click? Does the agent understand the needs and desires of the seller/purchaser and can they reflect that in their approach? Does the agent ensure their client is comfortable with the whole process, walking them through the steps if they are new to buying/selling, etc? When one has found that perfect luxury real estate agent, they can feel confident in the buying and selling process.

Neither approach is better than the other – it is important to acknowledge that needs for buyers and sellers are different, and it’s important to think about that when selecting an agent. Whether one is looking for the hungry or the understanding agent, in both cases, you want someone who is committed to you, knowledgeable about the area, and ready to go to the negotiating table. To you that luxury real estate agent is the one with a lot of experience, particularly in the area and price range where you intend to buy. These agents will be familiar with what’s on the market and the history of the market in the area, and they can help you differentiate between good and bad options. The most important thing is commitment to you as a client, which is something you can only assess once you have met the agent. Ask potential agents about what time they can commit to you, what are their working hours, do they have partners or do they work with other agents. If the agent is patient, friendly, and informative, that’s a good sign. Ask questions and expect questions from the agent – this will ensure that the dialogue begins and set precedents for communications throughout the relationship. Ideally, we are looking to create a partnership with our agent where there is an understanding that both parties will benefit from a cooperative approach.

Whether buying or selling your first home or your dream retirement home, we all deserve to have a luxury real estate agent on our side of the negotiating table. Take the time to find yours.