Selling a House in Seven Days is No Big Deal

Selling your home in 7 days may sound like a joke to you. But, with cash home buyers, you can actually sell your house within a week. Unlike the Realtors, they are the direct buyer who purchases the property, with no middlemen or commissions. As a homeowner, it is quite relieving to find a swift and genuine deal like this. Whether you are relocating or downsizing, it is always better to contact a home buyer who can fulfill your ‘sell my house now’ request.

selling-a-house-in-seven-days-is-no-big-dealProblems of Selling the Home through Real Estate Agents:

Traditionally, people list their property on a real estate website or contact the real estate agents. Both these conventional methods are losing their relevance in the contemporary scenarios. Instead of expediting the sale process, they follow a lengthy procedure that may be extremely inconvenient for you. There will be open houses, untimely home showings, and unwanted repair expenses to be incurred by you. The prominent issues faced in this condition are:

•  You Need to Accentuate the Appeal of Home:

The furnishing and décor of your home are matched to your taste and requirements. However, when selling through conventional methods, you need to downsize your furniture and remove all the clutter as instructed by the agents. You may also be asked to renovate or repair the porch area, entrance lawn, and exterior walls to increase its curb appeal. All these renovations and repairs are expensive and sometimes impossible if you are going through a financial crunch.

•  No Guarantee of Sale:

Even after all the nuisances and repairs, it is not guaranteed that your house will be sold immediately. It depends on the liking of prospects and their buying capacity. Though you invest a huge amount in such renovations and décor yet it may not go down well with the prospective buyers. With your repeated efforts and thorough involvement in the proceedings, it may take 6-12 months to sell a house. So, there is no guarantee or assurance from Realtors to get a buyer for your home in the specific time.

•  Heavy Commission:

Selling a home through any other means rather than home buyer incurs heavy commissions or fees. It may be as high as 6%. This amount is massive in terms of the value of a house.

How Home Buyers Work

Cash home buyers are the ultimate buyers and they purchase your home in a very short span of time. They can complete the deal even in 7 days’ time…how?

•  Quotation Offer:

With a single call made by you, the cash home buyers initiate a visit and proceed. They send their team to analyze and evaluate the price. Within a few minutes of inspection, they conclude the price at which they can buy your home. Sometimes, they even quote an offer over the phone. There are no financial contingencies involved and the amount offered is provided in cash. Remember, the final price is always fixed after thorough inspection of your property.

•  Acceptance of Offer:

The price quoted by the cash home buyers is commensurate with the current market conditions. They consider the maximum price that can be offered by analyzing the cost of all repairs and other obligations if any. They can accomplish renovation or repair work in 40-50% lesser amount than what you will spend on the same job. Also, any pending taxes and fees will be settled reasonably, considering their good reputation in this field. And above all, you save 6% real estate commissions by selling your home to the house buyers.

•  They Buy Homes “As Is”:

Cash home buyers offer the price of a home in As Is condition. The repairs of walls, drainage system, exterior lawn, porch, roof, etc. will be done by them. You don’t have to bear any charges or dedicate your time for that. The expert team of cash home buyers will take it entirely.

•  Closing the Deal:

Cash home buyers can handle multiple deals at the same time. Upon your permission, they will prepare the necessary documentation to transfer the property legally. There are no obligations to be fulfilled by the seller. Instead, the expert team of home buyers will handle the complete procedure with dexterity. You only have to sign the deal when everything is finalized.

•  Payment in Cash:

On completion of all formalities, the agreed amount of cash is paid to you. The entire sum will be in cash and you can use it to reduce your debt burden, buy a new house, or save for the future needs.

As explained here, it is seen that selling a house in 7 days is not a big deal if you have chosen the reliable cash home buyers for this purpose.